SOFFKIN Synthetic Leather for furniture
  • SOFFKIN is synthetic leather of high quality which is categorized differentiated grade for practical and functional design. It is premium product of high quality which has a variety of expression technique such as elasticity, surface touch, embossing roll mold, and color which differs from other company’s product.

  • I&S is proudly manufacturing specific and functional products with our accumulated techniques.
  • - Global brand of I&S artificial leather fabric.
    - Comprehensive collection for home and office furniture and industry surface material.
    - Categorized differentiated grade for practical and functional design.
    - Given different surface touch, physical property and treatment for its use.

SOFFKIN Hyacinth (Woodpeacker)

- General purpose grade, conductivity feature can be added and applicable for anti-static work place.

  • Normal
  • 1.2x1372
  • Diverse features can be added like anti-bacterial, conductivity, and soft surface touch.


- Soft surface touch and excellent tensile strength make differentiate product property.
- Diverse patterns and designs with using special surface treatment making SOFFKIN special.

  • Normal
  • 1.2x1372
  • Natural like genuine leather and applied diverse patterns.

  • KID
  • 1.2x1372
  • Character printed synthetic leather, applied diverse transparent patterns.


- Alternative suitable for natural leather, middle-higher grade.

  • Normal
  • 1.5x1372
  • Mid-high grade and alternative to genuine leather.

SOFFKIN Raphael Premium

- Eco-friendly leather that restrained TVOC, toluene, formaldehyde occurrence.
- Eco-friendly product that unused Phthalate plasticizer which is suspected material as environmental hormone.
- Premium flame-resistant leather that acquired the certificate of PVC flame-resistant by Korea Fire Institute (Flame retardant 15-5).
- Applied vacuum emboss method on product for soft touch similar to genuine leather through our own technology.

  • RF
  • 1.1x1372
  • Premium flame-resistant leather to comply regulation of the law.


- Premium grade imitating whole skin from soft touch like natural leather, wiping process.

  • Normal
  • 2.3x1372
  • High-end grade with soft touch, wiping process.


- Durable and similar to genuine leather.
- Suitable to home sofa and high-quality office chair.

  • Neo
  • 2.3x1372
  • Special treatment in anti-pollution, emboss and gloss features.

  • Royal
  • 2.3x1372
  • Excellent in volume and surface abrasion.

  • Prime
  • 2.3x1372
  • Special treatment in surface touch like genuine leather, volume, initial stability, and quality.

  • Priro
  • 2.3x1372
  • Maximize vacuum emboss and wiping technique for high quality furniture.