SOFFKIN Carex leather
  • - Functional and artistic leather grade for Car seat.
    - Durable and anti-pollution features applied.
    - Color fastness, blocking cover, and special surface treatment applied.

Material Specification test

  • SOFFKIN, which meets more than 30 types of physical properties and VOCS test to review automobile seat materials, can offer trust to our clients through manufacturing stable physical property.

  • - Especially it has outstanding physical properties on VOCs which might be caused by temperature increase inside the vehicle due to the global warming, and odor, heat ageing resistance and light fastness which may also related to it. And also, existing PVC products had a problem with cold-resistance, but SOFFKIN satisfies it stably due to its superior soft physical property.

Engineering Specification test

  • It is satisfied with automobile going up and coming down endurance test and vibration endurance test which is mostly concerned on car seat section among the ES tests which is an accelerated aging test to verify potential problems may occur in actual condition of use in advance.

Material Specification test

Strength of SOFFKIN

Color quality management system

  • We established and operating 5M1E color quality management system to present and meet the particular and high color standard required in Automobile industry, and we can provide customer target color more quickly and accurately.
  • 5M Man : Best colorist / Method : Color matching system operation and management / Material : Use the world's highest level color pigment only. Machine : Equipped precision balancing equipment / Measurement : Equipped and operating Spectrocolorimeter
  • 1E Environment : Environment : Operating a color harmony booth based on the international standard light sources


  • Main Seat Cover
  • We are developing it to be a popular automobile material in the future through advanced casting technology without VOC and toxic substance.

  • Center console box covering
  • Our products show the superiority, when covering console box with severe bending.
    It raises the dignity of the car interior with a luxurious appearance and detailed emboss pattern, when be with the elongation.
    Especially, it can improve production speed of covering process through superior elongation and strength of stability.

  • Door center trim covering
  • This part requires emotional quality of luxurious touch, and SOFFKIN offers a feeling of touch very closed to natural leather all and doesn't feel like plastic or vinyl at all.


- Car interior leather that diverse embosses patterns, high grade pigment, and special surface treatment applied.

  • Normal
  • 1.2x1372
  • Excellent durability and light resistance for premium car seat leather.