SOFFKIN interior leather
  • Art Leather
  • Interior leather embodied premium surface touch, various eternal designs, similar to natural leather and modern surface technology accumulated. Simultaneously, it embodied discriminated various external designs that can't be satisfied by genuine leather.

  • Elegant
  • Adhesive coating layer made more convenient product than existing surface finishing material. SOFFKIN-Elegant can be applied to display creative, individual space through discriminated external design.

  • - Surface effect and technology intensive premium interior leather.
    - Excellent physical property based interior, furniture, and door surface material.

SOFFKIN Art leather

- The strength of the leather is colorful and luxurious emboss materialization for wall and album cover.

  • Art Leather
  • 0.8x1372
  • A variety of emboss and luxurious pattern for wall and album cover

SOFFKIN-Art Leather - Product Features
  • Premium Quality
  • - Eco-friendly leather that obtained green-product certificate and marked best quality grade in the construction material test.
    - High weather resistance treatment prevents color fastness by ultraviolet radiation and applicable to any part of interior as finishing material.
    - This product secured much better flame resistance performance than standard.

  • Excellent Design
  • - Through its specialized design research and collaboration with well-known design company, we have developed diverse patterns and designs.
    - Applied printing process to make differentiated exterior effects through considered species of trees feature.
    - A fine embossing express texture of natural lumber patterns.

  • Best Service
  • - Provide a best onsite service to lead the trend through design P/T.


- The strength of the leather is colorful and luxurious emboss materialization for wall and album cover.

  • Elegant
  • 0.42x1372
  • Release paper backing made easy installation Obtained DNV-MED certificate for adhesive vessel interior sheet leather

    - Before installation : 0.6mm (included release paper)
    - After installation : 0.42mm (excluded release paper)

SOFFKIN Elegant - Product Features
  • Economic feasibility
  • - SOFFKIN-Elegant is easy to use and possible to make shorten working period and easy to maintain while working.
    - In addition, if change or repair is required during use, it can be changed simply.

  • Convenience
  • - SOFFKIN-Elegant can be easily installed by its special adhesive treatment allowing the application to plane or curved surface.

  • Durability
  • - Strong against impact, confliction and scratch. Its dimension is stable against changing heat, temperature, and humidity An outstanding anti-pollution against solvent and chemicals.

  • Flame retardant
  • - Acquired the flame retardant certificate for the first time in the industry with fire prevention effect retarding fire.
  • - It is not burned well in fire. In addition, it secures safety and protect precious asset in fire by restricting the generation of fume.